Wedding Dances - Your First Dance


Congratulations on your engagement.

We are able to help you. The first dance lessons are usually done on a private lesson basis but with only you in the room and take about 8 to 10 lessons to get the routines correctly. Each Wedding dance lesson is charged at £30 and lasts one hour. So remember to allow sufficient time to learn and get it perfect on your special day. If you finish quicker than this time frame then you have time to practice.

The reason that the lessons are dearer than normal private lessons is that you have the Hall to yourselves. Whereas there can be two private lessons in the hall at the same time for non wedding dances that share the hall hire expenses.

Generally you would bring us a CD of your special favourite music and we will try to choreograph a routine for you based on that music. Each dance for a wedding couple has always been different in spite of some similar steps having been used.


We prepared 11 wedding couples in their first dance in 2010, 12 in 2011, and 14 in 2012. We had 12 in 2013, 15 in 2014. 10 in 2015, and we continue to run at the same numbers.

There are some things that we need to discuss before we commence i.e. the size of floor, the Bride's dress and shoes to make sure that she can move correctly and safely. A long dress can sometimes make it difficult to move backwards so we can recommend some slight alterations that make the dress function nicely.


Contact us by Email at or by telephone 733120 so we can see if we have available slots to teach you.


Remember to book early to avoid disapointment as Wedding private lessons are extreemly popular and numbers are limited.

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