The Purpose of our Dance School

The purpose of the dance school is to teach and promote dances and lessons primarily in Ballroom and Latin dancing and also Sequence and other types where suitable knowledge and experience is in place and where qualified. We propose to run practice dances from time to time.


The aims are initially to teach beginners and novice level and then progress them to higher levels. Currently we are only going to teach adults.


The teaching will cover technical details, style, steps and how to lead and follow, confidence building, posture, safe dancing, and suitable footwear.


Our Qualifications:


We passed our dance teaching examinations in Birmingham in both Latin and Ballroom Disciplines at Associate level on 9th May 2009 with the UKA (United Kingdom Alliance of Professional Dance Teachers).


Our Other Experience:


We have been dancing for more than 25 years and have taken lessons at several Dance Studios in Jersey, and the UK and lessons with top teachers Anton Du Beke and Erin Boag, Ian Waite and Camilla Dellerup, and several other dance professionals of similar standard.


We created the Jersey Amateur Dancesport Association (JADA) in 2005 and ran that for two years but found that we could do more for dancing and more cost effectively as professionals. As we could not get anyone to take it over we had to close the Association (Roger Barette was Secretary and Christina Barette was Chairman).


Under the JADA banner we ran a ‘Celebrity Come Dancing Competition’ at Fort Regent on 30th March 2007 in aid of the Jersey Family Nursing Association. We brought the TV Dance Stars Anton Du Beke and Erin Boag, Ian Waite and Camilla Dellerup to Jersey for Lessons and Demonstrations on two occasions and we also brought several top amateur and professional couples that compete for England over to Jersey to give demonstrations under both JADA and La Moye Dancing Club. Under both the JADA and La Moye we have run the St. Helier Dance Festival on two occasions for each Association.


We ran the La Moye Dance for many years (Roger Barette as Secretary since November 1987 and Christina Barette as Chairman since November 1998) both of us held the posts until the club closed. The club began in October 1969 and finally closed in April 2015.


Provision of Dance Related News:


We supply website capability to the dance world in Jersey (through our site) and this also benefits Jersey Tourism from the hits on that site from the UK and beyond. We also receive many emails and telephone calls from visitors asking about dancing in Jersey and Dance Holidays including dance holidays outside of the island. The 'DanceJersey' Domain Name is owned by Roger Barette.


Data Protection:


No personal data records will be maintained on computer. For more see our Data Protection & Cookies page.



Appropriate Insurance is held.

Music Licences:

Appropriate music licences are held to play music in public. PPL and PUK.

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